Frequently Asked Questions

KZAM Birthday Party Q&A

What ages is KZAM designed for?
KZAM is designed to be fun for all ages, and especially appropriate for those between the ages of pre-school through middle schooI. It is also gender neutral fun with something truly for everyone!
Is KZAM a Family Entertainment Center that is open to the public?
No, we are a reservation-only party and event facility. Our goal is to maintain a clean, safe and wholesome atmosphere. When KZAM has Special Events such as Open Play, these will be announced on our website and reservations will be taken accordingly.
Are KZAM birthday parties private?
Yes, every party is absolutely 100% PRIVATE.
What should I expect the party to be like?
Every KZAM party starts in our spectacular Grand Play Arena, continues in the KZAM Event Room and finishes up in our Celebration Room.
Are the ball blasters safe? Can little kids play with them?
Yes, absolutely. All the equipment in the Grand Play Arena is suitable for all ages. The ball blasters are located on the second and third level of the structure and are aimed into the atrium area only. This US and Canadian patented design ensures all our guests can play in a safe manner.
What is the KZAM Event Room?
After the Grand Play Arena, your KZAM party moves into the adjacent KZAM Event Room, a 1500 square foot space equipped with DJ, lighting, acoustics and a gaga pit. Guests are entertained by a DJ who will organize activities appropriate for the age of the participants. As the party gets going, our octagon-shaped dance floor becomes a gaga pit and games are run by our KZAM staff, adapted again to the age group.
Where do we have the birthday celebration?
At the close of your time in the Event Room, the cake is presented and the children and adults gather to sing happy birthday to your child. Your party then moves into our private and comfortable Celebration Room. Pizza is served.